Analysis: THQ's financial troubles may get worse before they get better

While whispers of the company canceling its entire 2014 lineup were quickly discounted by the company, it can't deny the dire state of its stock.

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NYC_Gamer2378d ago

4A games should look for a new third party publisher.would hate for Metro to suffer because of THQ bad business mistakes.

mafiahajeri2378d ago

Hate THQ they have bad support for their games namely Homefront where so many people couldnt get online and we all bitched about it on their forums and got no reply.

Vowed not to buy a game from them ever since.

SKUD2378d ago

If management doesn't make the right adjustments they could be trying to get a bail out the way Activision did. I'm not sure if Saints row series is a good enough leverage property like COD was to get buyers interested.

scrambles2378d ago

Pray that Metro Last light gets published on time and keeps the quality.

MasterD9192378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I like THQ and think they generally make fun games....The Saints Row series & RF:Guerrilla probably being some of the best.

I think they ought to focus on games that are successful instead of a lot of the fluff they publish too.

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