Xbox LIVE Issues Service Alert

Many gamers are reporting issues with accessing the Xbox LIVE online network this evening, and as such Microsoft Studios has issued a ‘service alert’. The issue is currently believed to be limited players connecting to the network in Europe, and it is mainly in-game matchmaking that is being disrupted.

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THC CELL2100d ago

email service has been stopped also

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evilunklebud2100d ago

do not you bring your facts to these forums!

morkendo232100d ago

maybe the service has stopped becuz it has been hacked and american media dont want us to know why it has been hacked. so this fake "ISSUE SERVICE ALERT" pop-up as a cover-up.

kaveti66162100d ago

Yes. You saw past the ruse, morkendo. Well done.

iistuii2100d ago

My virgin media went down half way through Gears....gutted. Back on now.

Why o why2100d ago

Virgin are suckin right now. They oversold in my part of london now theres high utilisation apparently.. The other day i showed a youtube clip quicker on my phones 3g than on my 50 meg vm broadband WTF?

BatRastered2100d ago

It's not an XBL issue, it's with the ISP.!/thev...!/thev...

Xbox LIVE customers on Virgin - the Virgin Status Page is here & describes a "nationwide fault":

JellyJelly2100d ago

So, you are saying it was hacked? /s

IWentBrokeForGaming2100d ago

How much $ does it take to re-word the fault? lmao

Droid Control2099d ago

I can't connect o PSN through my PS3 either. I'm with Virgin.

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