The Darkness 2 is great, but don't play the demo

OXM UK: "A dire warning from our reviewer."

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AgentWD402317d ago

dont no what to do now as I am currently downloading this

camel_toad2317d ago

I think they may be right in suggesting if you are already excited don't download it. I played (just guessing) half way through the demo and quit because I was really liking it and didn't want to spoil any more for myself.

da_2pacalypse2317d ago

i think if you download it to checkout the gunplay of the game, you should be fine. I believe he is talking about the pacing of the story being messed up in the demo.

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Bioshocking2317d ago

I wish demos would come out more.

That way we can make our own choices as to which game to buy, since we played it and we don't have to count on listening to some critic who assigned this game a number to say how good it is.

I hoped this was multi- plat demo, but it is ok. Starhawk beta today and Uncharted 3 map pack :D

Its a good day for both xbox and ps3 owners

xPhearR3dx2317d ago

Then stop looking at the number and read the written part. If reviewers didn't put a number at the end of a review, 90% of the bitching would stop because people are too lazy to actually read. They just go by the score and instantly assume the review is trolling or paid off.

RBLAZE19882317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

So wait...first Microsoft gets exclusive rights to this demo so other people can't try it out now oxm has the audacity to tell people not to play it if they are excited about the game...thanks oxm I wish I even had the chance to download it. This generation of gaming...I love it so...

A good analogy would be like giving homeless people on one street taco bell while telling the homeless people across the street that the taco bell is exclusive to the other side of the street. Then some douchebag runs up to the people with the taco bell and tells them don't eat those burritos cause they'll give you wicked mud butt...yea that sums it up

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Rainstorm812317d ago

Sad cause alot of people use demos to gauge their purchases

ThichQuangDuck2317d ago

They are missing out in the end, I just played the demo and can see if you did not play the first one you would not like it. It was all set pieces when overall the game is half open word and presents the gameplay in a unique way. Seems to continue the fun darkness gameplay. It is a story I truly enjoy

Cosmit2317d ago

I've never heard of The Darkness, until I saw some gameplay video just now. And then I remember playing The Darkness(First one) like 3-4 years ago. Either renting it or a demo. I'm pretty sure I rented it though. Only thing that makes me remember this game are the two tenticles :).

Shadowgate2317d ago

I beat the demo and can't wait to beat it again on the hardest setting win I buy it. I did not upgrade my powers I will wait till I have my copy.

Kal8532317d ago

The author of the article's reasoning to avoid the demo is pretty nonsensical to me. I was excited for the game before I played the demo, and now I want to get the game even more. I highly recommend that anyone who is on the fence about getting the game play the demo. It's a lot of fun.

ilovemyps32317d ago

yes, and sometimes demos don't reflect 100% of the final game. i remember god of war 3 demo, it was really cool, but there was a lot of aliasing, and textures weren't that great. i know a couple of guys who were disappointed with the demo, and didn't buy the full game.

after playing the demo, when you played the full version, it was like "WOW, this stuff is incredible".

maybe this demo isn't that great. often demos are still alpha code, and even if the story, combat mechanics and all the other stuff are present, graphics aren't polished, there's tearing, aliasing, textures have big compression and not optimized, etc.

and since the first thing we pay attention to, in a game, are graphics, we tend to judge the overall quality of the demo, by it's graphics quality.
bad graphics = bad game = no buy

i remember when i tried the darksiders demo. i was disappointed by its graphics, animation, etc. and didn't buy the game.

now, i just saw it on psn+, for about 15$. the deal is perfect, but i need to check some reviews. and realize it got many huge scores, great reviews, and even ign uk gave it a 8.9. if ign scores a psn game a 8.9, you can't go wrong :)

once again, psn+ is awesome, and being able to buy darksiders this cheap, it's great.

i won't download the darkness 2 demo, but will use the "try game" option, from ps+, and the day it's available there, i will download the full game, an test it during one hour.

TheGameFoxJTV2317d ago

"nd since the first thing we pay attention to, in a game, are graphics, we tend to judge the overall quality of the demo, by it's graphics quality. "

This is nowhere near how I think when it comes to games. If anything recently games with worse graphics usually have better gameplay.

Example: Rage or Fallout 3?

PetitPiPi2317d ago

I agree with your opinion. IMO, graphics are a bonus unless they look like a PS2 game. If all I did was play the prettiest games, there would be MANY awesome games I would`ve never played.

Rage's graphics are bad? The demo looked beautiful. Haven't played the full game yet though.

TheGameFoxJTV2317d ago

No, I was saying Rage is a very good looking game, but the gameplay is stale compared to a game that looks much worse, Fallout 3.

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