Kingdoms of Amalur: eight things to do

OXM UK: How to get the most out of the Reckoning demo.

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dirigiblebill2321d ago

Lots of bugs in this demo. Hope they're temporary...

Captain Qwark 92321d ago

yeah i noticed a few too but the gameplay was amazing

antihiroprotagonist2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

the gameplay in the demo was good, but I wouldn't call it amazing. However, some of the videos showed a lot more promise when more moves are unlocked, and the combat was pretty fun, so maybe it'll end up being pretty awesome in the end.

Reminded me of Fable with a little God of War. The world seems pretty open and huge though, so I'll definitely be picking this one up.

Captain Qwark 92319d ago


its all a matter of opinion and in mine, id def call it amazing. the combat was fast, fun, fair, and varied ( played the demo 3 times, mastered each class, favored the mage ). toss in rock solid controls, a wonderful world, decent voice acting and an interesting story so far and the package as a whole id def enjoyable. i wish you could have enjoyed it as much as i did.

DaveMan2321d ago

it's a older (2-3 months from what I understand) build. All of that should be gone by the final release.

JohnApocalypse2321d ago

I didn't notice any bugs. There was a little texture pop in though

SwampCroc2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I've had Kingdoms of Amalur pre-ordered since I learned the development team...

R.A. Salvatore alone is more than enough reason to own this.

edit - if you know anything about fantasy... and I'm not talking strictly videogames... then you should be happy R.A. Salvatore is behind the story.... I mean... he's a Bestselling Author.... contributor to the AD&D universe of Forgotten Realms.... the creator of Drizzt...

so the story and lore is on lock... they couldn't have got a more capable and qualified person...

monsters and character design - Todd McFarlane.... check, and double check...

and Ken Rolston - the lead designer of Oblivion and Morrowind is the executive director... - Triple Check..

if this game isn't on your radar... then get it on your radar... because this very well could be the game of the generation...

talent like this doesn't come together often...

be ready for an experience..

Captain Qwark 92321d ago

played the demo, its everything i have ever wanted in a game. the world was stunning, the combat amazing, story seems interesting....

literally nothing i didn't like about it, cant wait to pick it up in feb

Pintheshadows2319d ago

I feel the same as you. I've been looking forward to it and it didn't disapoint. Loving the way the secondary weapon integrates. Bow, daggers, flamestaff. Not to mention the game is beautiful.

camel_toad2321d ago

Waiting for it show on psn. Id dl it on xbl but my most triumphant Mass Effect saves are on my ps3 which is where I want my unlocked goodies from this demo to go. I'm looking forward to seeing how good the combat in Amalur is...

SwampCroc2321d ago

it should be on there around like 7pm EST... i'm not sure what time on tuesdays PSN updates.

I usually just check in the evening.

SweatyFlorida2321d ago

Same, waiting for this and Starhawk Beta for PS+ users. Was turned off by the art style/graphics of Amalur, but the game seems to make up for it in every other category so I'm looking forward to it :)

BattleTorn2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I hate when article with "things to do in blank_title"
always list things that are specific to having played the game.

List gameplay aspects, or goals.

Not specific locations and quests; these mean nothing to me as of now.

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