Still full of Vita-lity

Sony’s newest handheld has been a failure, that’s what nearly every gaming website will tell you over the last few weeks. After a solid release week, the sales of the PlayStation Vita have dropped down the Japanese charts, below its predecessor: the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Should Sony be worried? No.

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Colwyn2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

The ps vita will launch with over 30 games in the west and there will be 86 available titles on the system by years end according to Sony. The ps vita will be successful because its a good handheld that will have a lot of software support

Godchild10202378d ago

The Vita will be as successful as the consumers want it to be. I'm going to help in that success and buy one at release.

Snookies122377d ago

Same here my friend, same here... Getting this bad boy day one, as it really deserves the sales. Great price for such a powerhouse of a handheld in my opinion. The things this can do are astounding, not to mention what it will be able to do in the future. This is just the beginning for the Vita, sales will most assuredly pick up.

KeybladeMaster2377d ago

Just finished up paying off somethings for my PSV.

What I got paid off so far:
PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle
32GB Memory Stick

What I have yet to get with my PSN Cards:
Gravity Rush
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
ModNation Racers: Road Trip
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

So excited for this to come out now. Especially since I got so much paid off.

Snookies122377d ago

Dude heck yes! You have some killer games there, might have to get your PSN name haha. Seriously though Blazblue, Gravity Rush, Hot shots... Those are all amazing games, I would have gone for Modnation if only it had online play. :\

Lucky though, can't afford the first edition bundle and a 32 gig stick, luckily an 8 GB will work well enough. XD

JoeReno2377d ago

I have a wifi version preordered, but came into some extra cash and I'm pretty sure I'm going to bump up to the first edition bundle for Vita because I can't freaking wait! Certainly don't want to wait any longer if I don't have to.

jspencep2377d ago

Go Vita!
But for real, i hope it is successful.

gamernova2377d ago

Is it pronounced Vita like the begging of vitamin or veeta like the cheese? The second one doesn't make any sense to me but some people pronounce it that way.

metsgaming2377d ago

veeta because its spanish i believe.

Plus veeta sounds better than what it would sound like vitamin

AscendantX2377d ago

@ gamernova
It's pronounced 'veeta' (sounds like cheetah). Also, Vita is Latin for life.
Here, a pic of a big putty tat.

MattyG2377d ago

I think the type of cheese your talking about is Velveeta. But ya like that. and @metsgaming its latin for "life"

BillytheAlien2377d ago

In todays time, games websites are sheep

If one big site says something negative about a product, then other games sites will follow and even worse the no name sites who exgerate it because they are looking for hits.

Most of the time the stuff they try and justify their article with is a load of BS. Like the price being "too high", oh it wasn't like that at E3 when it was the best thing Sony has ever done.

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The story is too old to be commented.