Microsoft Surface - Hands on Impressions Pt. 1

Sarcastic Gamer gets their hands on the almost complete, Microsoft Surface computer. Find out what these guys think about the "Big Ass Table" including specific applications and uses for Microsoft's latest!

From the article: "The first application we were shown was a basic 'MS Paint' style program. You could draw on the screen with your hand, fingers or with your whole hand. You could also use any ordinary paint brush and I'm sure almost any ordinary item you see fit."

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pwnsause3785d ago

can we say RTOD (Red Table of Death) XD

Bladestar3785d ago

Damn... what is it about these *^@#[email protected]# losers.. that make them think that talking about RROD on every Microsoft related article makes them look cool?

After reading your comment, I've decided I am in favor of abortion in cases of incest.

razer3785d ago

Totally agree.. It would be funny if the joke and RRoD hadn't been rub in the faces of 360 owners enough already.. And then you have this hypocrite posting comments like this:

"uh oh, here comes mart the troll, sad thing is that he keeps trolling despite the GT5 Famitsu score, its been already stated that car damage is comming thru a firmware update or in GT5. "

You need to take your own advice fella and stop trolling. You = fail!

INehalemEXI3785d ago

I like that MS is bringing new things to the table. This and Sync are pretty impressive.

Relcom3785d ago

sorry i couldn't resist.

power of Green 3785d ago

Who really thinks this tech will revolutionize the planet *raise your hands*...

Relcom3785d ago

While i'll admit its pretty tight, i would never pay for it. But if anyone wants to give me one i'm down, i'll even pay shipping = ]

Muppetmeat3785d ago

Now you can actually control the cursor on the screen!! This is unprecedented!!! Who would have ever thought you would need to do such things like point the cursor at somewhere on the screen and then signal the computer to take an action there?? I've got to hand it to Microsoft they've really broken totally new grou- *looks at his mouse*... Oh.. wait.


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The story is too old to be commented.