Choplifter HD Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "There’s always that one game that gets forgotten. Personally, for myself, it was Breath of Fire 4; with such a solid background and storyline, upon hearing about Breath of Fire 5, only good, positive thoughts passed through my mind. So playing the genre killing, story murdering monstrosity was heartbreaking. Not to mention the fact it put many off both the series and genre. However, it seems inXile Entertainment obviously felt the need to bring Choplifter back into the limelight, a game many of you may never even heard of. Originally designed for the Apple II back in 1982, we now have an HD remake of it right on our doors, or more specifically, marketplace. I’ll admit now, I haven’t played the original, not only because the game wasn’t hugely popular when it was released, but not having been born was working against me too. So my takes on this are purely from the HD remake alone. "

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robbttf2317d ago

Shame it doesn't seem to live up to the original, but then again these old games are sometimes a case of rose-tinted glasses!

GodisaGeek2317d ago

Sometimes old games are best left there, perhaps?

Dojan1232317d ago

100% agree. It is always hard to relive the magic. Games have come so far over the last 20 years. We can not recreate the imagination we had as kids.

JebusF2317d ago

It looks decent enough, but it's a shame it sounds as if it doesn't quite capture the original's fun. Like robbttf says, sometimes the ol' rose-tinted goggles betray us!

Nodoze2317d ago

Demo was absolute CRAP!