Expand your set of dog tags and multiplayer skins for Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 Blog - Starting today, players who want to expand their arsenal of dog tags in Battlefield 3 can do so via two different bundles. First, there's the aptly titled "SPECACT and Dog Tag Bundle", featuring a fistful of 10 dog tags plus a set of new multiplayer skins. These items were previosuly only available as exclusive pre-order items for Battlefield 3, and you can now buy them in the "SPECACT and Dog Tag Bundle" for $2.99/€2.99 or the equivalent in your currency.

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Majin-vegeta2228d ago

Wtf We should get these for free just like everyone got the physical warfare pack for free when you could only get it by preodering.

SweatyFlorida2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Those who pre-ordered got Back to Karkand expansion for free, which is MORE then enough for a pre-order bonus. The physical warfare package didn't matter to most, as you could unlock everything in the game anyways.

This however, shouldn't be shocking that it has a price, they did the same with BC2, and has nothing to do with Pre-ordering.

eak32228d ago

The new skins make it almost worth it, but from a quick glance I already have most of those dog tags? Some of them look like the ones they gave you from the Battle to Karkand expansion.

Hufandpuf2228d ago

Skins and dog tags? I'll pass. I'll take a new game mode though.

YIZZY2228d ago

what are skins and where can i see what these new ones look like?

grahf2228d ago

So let me get this right... Activison is the devil for selling map packs but EA Can sell dog tags which is totally cosmetic for $3 and it's ok? Amazing.

Hufandpuf2228d ago

I certainly didn't support DICE/EA for doing this. Don't throw any false accusations.

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