CNN Thought Gamer Chopped Off His Arm, Missed ‘Joke’

Kotaku - "Boy Severs Arms After Playing Video Game" read the headline of a story that ran on CNN's iReport site earlier this morning. It's the stuff of nightmares for video game advocates, another chance for those who demonize games' effects on human behavior to crucify the medium.

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ChrisW2376d ago

Ahh... Gaming news at its finest!!!

egidem2376d ago

The next headline from CNN regarding the gaming industry will be something stupid like "Thousands of gamers everywhere are taking arrows in their knees. No one has been hospitalized so far...yet"

Cosmit2375d ago

^Lmao bubble my friend.

Spitfire_Riggz2375d ago

Wow... I really hate that meme but you just made me crack up! Good shit

SilentNegotiator2375d ago

CNN is pathetic. Biased politically and completely uneducated in the games industry (despite often trying to cover it).

firefoxprime2375d ago

still worlds better than fox news...

SilentNegotiator2375d ago

"Better than FOX news".....not much of a compliment.

Instead of filling your head with the brainwash of FOX, MSNBC, CNN, etc...there are plenty of independent sites to get news.

clearelite2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I really wonder how anyone could disagree with that statement. They need to pull their heads out of the sand. ZNN is even worse because it SEEMS credible to many people. They are all the same and it may be in the best interests of humanity for people to finally realize this.

joab7772376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

It isn't just gaming that gets this treatment either. It's everything. Journalists are no longer looking to report the facts and allow their viewers to make up their own minds. If u consider competition (which is unlike any time in history w few checks), & agendas (which r also driven by competition), & the 24 hour news cycle in which something new is needed every few minutes, there is rarely an article that isn't affected by a bias or a slant, and many times, outright lies or hack jobs made to appear one way when the writer knows it isn't true. Unfortunately, it has forced us (by us, i mean the select few who still care about truth regardless of what it is) to go elsewhere. And that is where the real fun begins because siftng through different sources can b tireless,and do we ever really know? This saddens me deeply. One of my greatest pains in life is realizing i have lost a trusted source.

It has always been the press' job to be our protection from deception and harm. It was granted the high honor of holding government and commerce accountable. Instead they crawled into bed and left us defenseless. I am an American and consider my constitution and bill of rights to be my protector, the giver of my freedom,not as an American but as a human being. And this article is a reflection of another recent example that may just have been the nail in the coffin of freedom. On January 1st, our president signed the NDAA, giving our government the right to apprehended (not arrest, more like kidnapping) any American citizen under their suspicion and hold him indefinitely without a represention, a trial, or habeas corpus, all required by our founding documents. But, our president assured us that his administration would not use it. Really? Then why sign it? Why make it law for future leaders? Oh, and Mitt Romney assured us that he would have signed it also. So,instead of limiting the patriot act, rendition,and Guantanamo, as be promised, he conitinued those practices and upped the ante to absurd degrees. Yes, there are a few who actually believe that this is criminal (Paul and santorum) but you wont find the in Congress (for the most part) or...the press. This occurred on an off press day to attempt to skirt the headlines, and the press obliged. Instead of adorning every paper the next day with this simply went unaware.

So, when i read an article like this, it simply reaffirms my belief that i have lost all my faith in the pillars of this society. One last example. In a time when our government has run without a budget for 2 years, borrowing money from future American to keep election promises made years ago, attempting to further raise taxes on a recessed economy when all the wealth of our top 1% wouldn't run our government for a year, continuing to add entitlements to get votes, while the existing ones are about 40 trillion in debt, a congressman in NY wants to pass a bill to make sure cell phone cameras make a clicking sound.

Think about this. The majority of ppl in the top 25% of this country r Republicans, and the majority of lower middle class and poor are Democrats. Why would dems ever want you to become wealthy? And why would Republicans want to give money to the poor? Yes, there is a time to give breaks to job creators,and a time to help the poor. Right now is the time for everyone to realize that we r in a sinking ship and sacrifices must be made, not handouts, either to corps or the poor. It is the time for clear thjnking, common sense and sanity. But, as the past has shown us, it wont happen. And we have the press to thank, as it was their job to alert us and they didn't.

Deadpool6162376d ago

Congress had to make sure we all have High Definition televisions. Standard Definition televisions were such a epidemic! o_o

Sarcasm aside, I completely understand what you're saying. The news is so messed up, they'll do anything for shock value and ratings. Thank goodness for the internet for different points of views on news and events.

Oh yeah, the government's trying to take over the internet. Go figure. >:\

Kur02376d ago

Jesus how long have you been sitting on that essay.

rattletop2375d ago

did you copy/paste the article here?

bwazy2375d ago

TL;DR version please.

vishant1012375d ago

ima gonna agree without reading the article......

f7897902375d ago

Let's all just agree.

Even the TL;DR version would be an entire paragraph.

joab7772374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Honestly, I wrote it on an iPod touch cuz my phone was dead. Sometimes things boil up and there must b a release. This nonsense was it. Oh, and this was the short version. I could on about killing a pipeline in the same week Iran threatens to cut off oil, killing a possible high paying 20,000 new jobs, an oil supply that isn't from the middle eastand the reasoning is political, Republicans wont give enough time to study it. Really? Canada, whose very liberal and environmentally friendly believes it is fine and now they will go to China with it. Hows China's track record with the environment? He will give Brazil billions to drill in Brazil, but we can't drill for our own. Oh, and who owns stock in the brazillian oil company? Yeah, George soros does. So, because it's an election year, we pass on great jobs for amaericans and a new oil supply that isn't in a war zone. I guess he wasn't lying when he said that in order to get Americans to buy into "green", energy prices must necessarily skyrocket, reducing our consumption. Here's the problem, that only hurts middle class and poor ppl, and kills jobs. And once again, do we ever read about this. No, we hear about a cruise ship that crashed.

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Reborn2376d ago

I don't get it.

I can't understand why people behave so shocked when a newspaper/press do something dubious. The media isn't regulated. It allowed people who were willing to go into 'dark corners' to climb to the top, and hold people at ransom.

It used to be something which shined the truth, when it was hard to see. Now, anything you read is questionable.

joab7772376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I obviously agree. But seriously, what do you do when the ppl who are trusted to bring you facts...don't. And, I am not referencing every journalist. Its just too bad that most truth has been buried underneath years of lies, careers, deals, etc., that most ppl wouldn't recognize it if they did see it. I include myself and it isn't our fault. But, I ask, what do we do?

We play video games, and try to live our own lives as honestly as possible, i guess. Its just heartbreaking when your child asks you a question, and you have an answer but have no idea if its right. Or when they bring home a textbook with a truth that is different for the one you learned.

Oh well, getting too serious!!! 2012 is gonna rock for video games.

Deadpool6162376d ago

It's a serious subject matter but it's good to know someone sees what's happening in the world and take notice. As much injustice there is in this world, just expressing your feelings about how things can be made better for the greater good reminds us that good people are still willing to fight for what's right and allow justice to prevail.

In other, less serious words.

There's nothing I like more than a big ol' bowl of Truth and Justice! =D

bozebo2375d ago

"Or when they bring home a textbook with a truth that is different for the one you learned"
lol @ what happened to me years ago when I said cannabis had medicinal purposes despite the textbook clearly lieing (and about all other substances...)

STONEY42375d ago

How could they NOT know it was a joke site. I mean, look at the bottom...

"Steave Jubs and Tupac release a new album, Iphone 7"
"Banging underage chicks on Facebook"
"Tall man caught jerking off into Kinder Surprise egg"
"Visit Kenya, where Obama was born"

This stuff is hilarious.

Der_Kommandant2375d ago

The Wikipedia blackout presents a horrifying picture of a world with no knowledge. So does the CNN website, which is running normally.

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