Starhawk Public BETA rolls out today at 3pm CST

SystemLink: "The benevolent overlords at Lightbox Interactive have decided that the revolution will not be bloody or violent, but instead plans to relinquish the trappings of the elite and shower us filthy proles with the delight of space-centric shooting and dog-fighting right away. In other words, the Starhawk public beta is up very soon."

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rbluetank2100d ago

i have UC3 starhawk codes. when will we be able to use those codes? i am a plus memeber and i will be dl it tonight....

BitbyDeath2100d ago

Since your in Plus you don't have to wait, for those that aren't and rely on the UC3 code it'll be Jan 31

rbluetank2100d ago

thanks alot! i am installing it as we speak! well said!