Cracking Final Fantasy XIII's Immersion Problem

Last week, in anticipation of Square-Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy sequel-within-a-sequel (INCEPTION!), Jason Schreier wrote a piece for Joystiq titled, “Why Final Fantasy XIII Just Didn’t Work.”

It’s a fine title; Final Fantasy XIII absolutely did contain serious problems that took an immersion-breaking toll on the experience....

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Ranma12347d ago

Any game that takes 30 hours to open up and become good (never mind great) not a good game !

Slade2346d ago

better than skyrim which starts out as not being a good game right?

GraveLord2345d ago

You still can't get over this?
Dude you got problems.

iamtehpwn2345d ago

The problem with XIII was not Open/Linear. If you guys recall, FFX doesn't open up until you get control of the airship--which is when you're inside Sin..meaning the game only had a handful of hours left meaning it was 'linear' for longer than XIII was.

Criticize what was actually wrong with FFXIII.

The problem FFXIII was the utter lack of variety. Even if XIII wasn't linear, what would it be? It would only go from a hallway from of monsters to an empty field full of monsters. The problem with FFXIII was there purely a lack of things to do other than walk forward and fight battles. Even during the battles, all you did was strager enemies, and attack. Stagger enemies at times could seem to take ages and at times playing the game seemed like a chore. The lack of towns and any sort of interaction with the world made the game feel less like a living world than previous Final Fantasy's.

It wasn't necessarily a bad game though, but it was highly repetitive.

Slade2346d ago

Another loser who after 4 years of nothing but non stop rpgs, hes so insecure he needs to bring up an old game

real rpg fans, and real square fans have moved on to other games like type zero, tactics ogre psp, rocket slime 3 ect

kevnb2346d ago

and only the fake ones are pissed about ff13 and 14?

Fishy Fingers2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Does it even matter, whether your some awesome square fan like Slade, or some peasant RPG player, if you bought the game, you've got as much right to complain or big-up the game as you like.

kevnb2346d ago

the problem is that auto-battle wins the game for the first 30 hours.