Ubisoft responds to Anno 2070's DRM issues: 'the game is indeed restricted to 3 hardware changes'

DSOGaming writes: "Just WOW. I’ve been following this mess with Anno 2070, but... you know... I thought that Ubi would sort it out. Shockingly, the company have given the ‘finger’ to Guru3D and pretty much every gaming site that wants to benchmark their title, stating that Anno 2070 is restricted to only 3 hardware changes and that there is no way to bypass this feature. This basically means that if – by any chance – you replace your GPU for three times, you will lose the game you have bought. What the F Ubisoft?"

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PiccoloGR2223d ago

yeah. This whole 'thing' is wrong in every possible way

Scenarist2223d ago

It deserves to be pirated

wallis2223d ago

They might as well just link the game's website to pirate bay or a skidrow site. 3 hardware changes? Pfft you wanna bet ubisoft? How about as many as I damn well feel like and if I want I'll play the damn thing in a closet with no internet connection. I mean if you WANT me to use a crack then I guess I'll just have to.

aliengmr2223d ago

Ubicrap being dicks again?! say it ain't so.