How Do You Feel About Videogame Discrimination? [eGamer]

Shooting games seem to be the main culprit here, but others do discriminate too. However, we’re going to focus on new modern war shooters. The games set in World War II, and so on, are only recreating something which actually happened. The modern war shooters such as Battlefield and Call of Duty happen to pick on a single country and their people. Who decides who a terrorist is? Who decides what counts as terrorism?

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Hufandpuf2349d ago

first off, the author doesnt really know what he's saying. He basically wants us to pick on someone else such as ourselves and stop discriminating against terrorist.

NitrateZA2349d ago

How's that not knowing what I am saying? That's what I am saying exactly..?

Also, let you be the one picked on and see how your government will probably QQ about it. What about all the other innocent people who are being labeled as terrorists for something they never did? That's really what I want to ask.

Hufandpuf2348d ago

So you want us to leave terrorist alone in real life or virtually? Because honestly you seem to think Cod and battlefield are the only games to do this when the past rainbow six games were set in the US and mexico chasing terrorists. Is it yhe terrorist part yoy dont like? Is it that you dont when America stops terrorists? Because as far as im concerned you dont kill civilians in these games so whats the problem? Your article is too short to explain anything.

darthv722348d ago

one persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter. It comes down to how and what actions are taken by the objector and the opposition.

People will always have different views on this subject. If the intent was to create a realistic game of cat and mouse then obviously someone would have to be given those roles. "WHO" decides is the developer and the state of things as it pertains to the subject matter at hand.

The US is at war with others who oppose the way of thinking which seems to be predominantly in the middle east. It wasnt always the case. At various points throughout American history there have been instances of confrontation between Soviet as well as asian territories. Even war with ourselves. Although, we dont need a history lesson on this.

Making a relevant game to modern society deems that a suitable opponent be used to be the objective of the objector. You can consider it discrimination but i consider it a game which if you dont like.....turn it off.

Something you CANT do to the real life and times around us.

MariaHelFutura2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

America was built on terrorism. The founders of America were terrorists through the eyes of the Queen.

FullMetalAdam2349d ago

Every military shooter nowadays seems to either blame the Russians or some splinter cell group from an anonymous Arabic country. I agree with NitrateZA.

iamnsuperman2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

"Who decides who a terrorist is? Who decides what counts as terrorism?" erm Modern Politics and the demographics common enemy. I get sick when I see Russians as the enemy because it isn't realistic and seeing North Korea take over the world made me cringe inside.

I understand your point on the western world being the Heroes but with large markets of western countries who buy these products it isn't so surprising. Same with the enemies. Having a rouge Islamic groups causing mass damage gives the element of realism because it has happened/ happening in a recent time that a lot can identify with. I am up for Westerners being bad guys though but in the same context (a rouge group not a country)

NitrateZA2349d ago

Cool, that makes sense yeah. :-)

Hicken2349d ago

For the most part, it's rare that an entire country is the (willing) enemy in these games. As mentioned by others above, it's usually some rogue group within said country. Having some roots in realism means that the country these individuals reside in is being uncooperative, or perhaps manipulated. And like superman said, it's geared toward a Western market, so giving things a Western-oriented slant only makes sense, in order to garner sales.

In order to make us (the US) the bad guys, it'd have to be a governmental conspiracy: we go over to the Middle East or Russia or somewhere else under the impression that they've done something, but the whole thing was a setup so someone within our government could overthrow our current system- while we're preoccupied and the bulk of our military strength is elsewhere. This would be a pretty good way to pull a story, and people would believe it, to boot.

TopDudeMan2349d ago

Most of the people who buy these games are from the US, so they can't make them the bad guys.