Rumor Roundup: Wii U Release This February; GTA V On Wii U?

The internet seems to be churning out rumors left and right these days and some of them are more farfetched than others. We take a look at four of these rumors and try and apply some common sense.

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Lulz_Boat2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )


tee_bag2422229d ago

I wouldnt be surprised to see a WiiU release. It benefits all parties

Pushagree2229d ago

You will never see a GTA game on a nintendo console. M rating lowers sales for it's family based audience. Look to games like Madworld for proof.

Crillvirus812229d ago

Gta will come to wii u m rating don't mean jack the cube had a bunch of m rated games and so did the wii mad world did not effect the wii sales the last time I checked the wii has sold more the ms and Sony gta 4 did not come out on wii cause of the hardware not cause of it's rating plus gta 5 will play better in my opinion just cause of the tablet remote

yabhero2229d ago

Yah but wiiU isn't aimed at the audience you're talking about... While you say that I play Gta on my Ds and GameCube and cod on my wii which sold 25 mil

chanmasta2228d ago

"You will never see a GTA game on a nintendo console."

Lulwut? I've seen it, more than once. Do some research before you make dumb comments.

Venox20082229d ago

In February? yeah right.. about GTA on Wii U, anything can happen

Cosmit2229d ago

Your kidding right? February?

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The story is too old to be commented.