Top 8 Game Franchises that have been Milked to dryness

Developers and Publishers find different ways to exploit the winning formula laid down by successful game franchises, and milking them to dryness in the process of money making.

These are Quite possibly the Top 8 Game Franchises that have been Milked to dryness.

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geniusgamerdoc2191d ago

Nintendo's POKEMON, Activision's GUITAR HERO and COD, and Capcom's STREET FIGHTER franchises definitely deserve Spots in the Countdown.

j-blaze2191d ago

most people have yet to realize that even though they're numbered I to XIII they're not sequels to each other "except for X-2 and XIII-2", they're stand alone games.

what about God of War series?
-God of War
-God of War 2
-God of War 3
-God of War: Betrayal
-God of War: Chains of Olympus
-God of War Collection
-God of War: Ghost of Sparta
-God of War: Origins Collection

plus Uncharted series, 4 games under 5 freaking years! not to mention teh HALOs ~

darthv722191d ago

is different from the rest. I see that term as it relates to taking a game series/character and putting them in pretty much any type of situation and making a game out of it that differs from the original intent.

Good example is mario. The original intent was a platform game of jumping over stuff and saving the princess. He went on to do sports, RPG, fighting, racing, drawing, etc... That is milked as far as the character goes.

People misuse the term and think that because there is another GoW game (as j-blaze uses in his example) that it cant possibly be relative to the previous games. If there is sufficient content that can be created and it draws a direct correlation to previous titles then it would not be milked.

Often times people say Halo has been milked but i have yet to see a halo racer or sports game or fighter, etc. The games in the halo series are all relative to the overall story. Story driven games generally fall into a category of a serial or series which dont quite count as "milked".

Non-story driven games (such as sports or fighters) could be considered milked but it really depends on the variations and differences between releases. Madden (for example) has not really innovated on the series since going from the old genesis/ps1 to the modern systems. Still the same game and gameplay but with updated rosters. Something that could be added to an existing game via DLC.

Fighters are falling into this category due to their change of roster without compelling differences to gameplay or story.

GraveLord2191d ago

That's not a lot. Uncharted is not milked. They release a game every 2 years for their trilogy.

The only spin off so far is Golden Abyss for Vita.

I would hardly call that milked. I wouldn't call Uncharted or God of War "dry" either. It's not like all those games you listed are for PS3. Only 1 of those is. The Collections are just that, ports of the PSP games. If you ever played any of the games you listed you'd know they are are great games.

Fylus2191d ago

Ugh do I really have to be the one to say it?

Dynasty Warriors.

RaidensRising2191d ago

Street Fighter has been badly milked due to the length of time between current versions.

Play2Win2191d ago

I still don't understand why people actually like HALO for example. I mean, even CoD offers much more quality in their games every year.

myps42191d ago

Call Of Duty and QUALITY should never be used in a Single Sentence.

Play2Win2191d ago

CoD4 belongs to the best games I've ever played. CoD 1 and 2 were amazing on PC. MW2 and MW3 didn't exactly match them but they're are still pretty good games (on PC). For me it is quality.

JackStraw613d ago

Funny since they're consistently among the best-selling games yearly. Dumb pseudogamer trying to discredit a QUALITY franchise. Kill yourself, please.

LoLZoRz2191d ago

they included Final Fantasy and not Mario?

every major FF has not been worse than good and each differs enough.

Der_Kommandant2191d ago

All Activision and Capcom games

geniusgamerdoc2191d ago

Absolutely right.

Nintendo Milks the characters and not the franchises!!!

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