Speculate Iterate: Resident Evil 6 Will Be “Totally New”

Ethan Moses is both excited and concerned by the producer of Resident Evil's comments that the 6th main game in the franchise will be "totally new."

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jc485732370d ago

RE FPS is simply RE Survivor.

decrypt2370d ago

Yep they should just follow the industry trend make RE into a FPS and give it MP mode it will sell a ton.

Ghost2502370d ago

you know how stupid that sounds, how will it sell a ton when its entire fanbase will more than likely be turned off. i wouldn't even be resident evil anymore

jeeves862370d ago

Fans will buy it if it's an rpg, fps or run and gun. Besides, it's all about $$$ with Capcom. They really could less about the fans it seems.

DeadlyFire2370d ago

I wouldn't mind RE FPS, but I am an FPS Addict and RE Hardcore fan. If they do it right it can create more suspense and add more dynamics to horror style gameplay if that exists alongside the action elements of gameplay.

SignifiedSix2370d ago

Too bad its not going to be as great as the classic RE games. I wish they could go back to that. Static cameras = scarier gameplay. You never knew what was coming!
That's my opinion anyways.

ps3rider2370d ago

have you seen anything in the recent game as quality and great as the classic games. answer is no.
because imagine with new generation still i cannot turn the camera to see the environment around me.
there is no issue with game play of the past to installment, the only issue was with horror factor

SignifiedSix2370d ago

Right now, I'm just imagining how great thebackgrounds and environments could look if they did it the old way. It could look like the RE 1 remake on the gamecube, only a million times better. They could put so much detail into everything if they did it that way. Static cameras and dynamic backgrounds. Sounds like something I'd purchase in a heartbeat.

CarlitoBrigante2370d ago

That is why Japanese developpers fail like Crapcom and Squeenix fail! They seem to confuse innovation with total overhaul.

They want to make their franchises "new", but what they dont understand is that gamers dont want their franchises to be something totally different. I'm looking at RE5 and FFXIII.

They lack innovation, the only guys that seem to bring innovation are Atlus.

ps3rider2370d ago

you cannot compare atlus who usually bring RPG game to the market.
and RE5 was good but the bad thing about it. no horror and the stupid partner which didnt leave Chris

Valvatorez2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Real Zombies,Capcom!

tigertron2370d ago

I want it to be scary and play like Dead Space. That is all.