Worst DLC Deals Ever

DLC: You either love it, or you hate it. has collated a list of seven games that will clearly steer you towards the latter camp.

It's not pretty reading for Castlevania: HD, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, Dragon Age: Origins, Beautiful Katamari and RailWorks 2.

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BlmThug2378d ago

Whats worse than the Deals themselves is the fact that idiots actually buy them

Play2Win2378d ago

Ever thought of game you really love and you're welcome to any kind of DLC?

bub162378d ago

call of duty. nuf said...

Marcello2378d ago

Yep spot on Thug :(

DLC = Once devolopment on game is done, we will cherry pick some good stuff out of it then spoon feed it back to the suckers at a price, viola !! DLC !!

KidMakeshift2378d ago

Um, Saints Row: The Third Cheat Code DLC anyone?