Multiplatform Ong-Bak Game To Crack Bones This Year

Psxextreme: "If you haven't checked out Tony Jaa in the last eight years or so, we implore you to do so; the guy's pretty amazing.

It has been announced that Studio HIVE has secured the game license."

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Majin-vegeta2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

His movies are great will keep an eye on this.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2191d ago

The first Ong Bak was great... the second and third were meh. Haven't seen any of his other movies but I saw a trailer of one where he's dropping from a helicopter to put his knees in somebody's throat (those knees seem to be his signature weapon). Never saw the movie though.

jetlian2191d ago

the protector or tom yun goon. Which was equal to ong bak 1 !!! those his only good movies. He fell off

Deadpool6162191d ago

It's about time Tony Jaa got a video game. The closest thing we have to an Ong-Bak game is Urban Reign, which is an awesome game that needs a sequel.

I can't wait to see what Studio HIVE can produce.

LettingGo2191d ago

Yes! I love Ong Bak!!! The third movie wasn't as fight-heavy as the others, but it was still enjoyable.

isarai2191d ago

UMG YES!! i hope this turns out good cause i love the movies

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