DICE To Begin Development of “Next Generation of Titles”?

MP1st - Could the team behind Battlefield 3 be preparing to begin work on their next project? Recent evidence suggests that Digital Illusion CE (DICE) is indeed beginning to shift focus away from Battlefield 3 and onto something new, perhaps even towards the “next generation.”

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krazykombatant2197d ago

it would be nice if they fixed somethings in their somewhat broken game.

BF3 would've been an excellent experience if they just delayed the damn thing a couple of months but nooo have to try and compete with COD.. *sigh*

dark-hollow2197d ago

Dont burn me but i think i liked bad company 2 more.

Tanks are powerful.
RPGs could shatter your body into a million pieces.
Basically, powerful weapons are powerful.
Shitty ones are...well..shitty!

The thing with battlefield 3 is that everything feels weak and nerfed!

scrambles2197d ago

Brosef on your tank run thermal, proximity sensor, and canister shell/coaxial lmg. You can dominate entire teams if you have a competent gunner.

and rpgs arent that bad you just have to hit people with em. Theyre getting a nerf in february due to all the rpg snipping that is going on in game.

I had fun with BC2 also but one you adjust to all the changes in BF3. You'll start to love in just as much. Dont worry i was in that zone as well. It felt wrong but u'll get there.

BALLARD322197d ago

Totally agree. Bad Company 2 gameplay was just plain fun. Battlefield 3 screwed up vehicles too much and there is no situation awareness(at least for me). It should not take three rockets to take out a Humvee or more than one rocket to destroy a little bird.

SJPFTW2197d ago

works fine on PC. Sorry ps3 is not the only console sorry to burst your bubble

krazykombatant2197d ago

lol i'm not a ps3 owner, i'm a 360 owner.

Trainz2197d ago

I'm just going to say it.
I hate BF3 and I don't even know why.
I played it and got bored within 2 minutes.
I think I'm just burnt out with FPS games...

Criminal2197d ago

"I think I'm just burnt out with FPS games..."
Ohh that's why you picked that avatar image. It all makes sense now. ;)

Hufandpuf2197d ago

2 minutes?

*slams door in face*

Criminal2197d ago

I hope they'll make Mirror's Edge 2 next.

pandehz2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Yes Mirrors Edge 2 please. I still play it sometimes.

Or a new IP

Dojan1232197d ago

What about the "great" DLC plans they stated? If they are not going to support the community then gives us the map tools (PC).

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