New Street Fighter X Tekken screenshots

Capcom released new screenshots of Street Fighter X Tekken showing new characters and more.

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Optical_Matrix2255d ago

So today we've had Xiaoyu, Jin, Bison, Balrog, Juri, Vega, Paul, Law, Megaman and Pacman confirmed (watch the end of the new gameplay trailer and you'll see what I'm talking about).

Hyperbomb692255d ago

They say these are "New" characters, but the Street Fighter characters are the same ones they had in Street Fighter 4, they just copy pasted them into this new game. The Tekken characters are the real new ones, out of all these "New" characters from SF4 only 3 of them are actually new to us that are hardcore Street Fighter players. (Hugo,Poison,Rolento) those are the only 3 new characters on the SF side, not only that but those characters are actually Final Fight characters if you want to get technical. Im hoping that Capcom puts in Alex in the game....

LightofDarkness2255d ago

Hugo and Rolento were in SFIII (DI-3rdS) and SFA (2-3) respectively, so they're not new to hardcore street fighter players. Poison is new.