Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo - Gematsu

Gematsu: "As protaganists Noel and Serah stumble into a brawl with Atlas – which is what appears to be a super-mega-giant death machine – Final Fantasy XIII-2, from a second-to-second perspective, feels a little too familiar. Roles, Paradigms and Staggers reunite to form that deceptively simple routine: clock onto an enemy’s rhythm, find a paradigm pattern and exploit the heck out of it to the point of mild insanity."

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Stunt2376d ago

Still gotta play the demo, myself.

ThirstyforFanta2376d ago

I couldn't beat the boss wth it was too hard..

Kos-Mos2376d ago

Just looking at the art that western developers can just hope to make(but never will) makes me wanna buy this game.