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From Review: "Once upon a time, a devoted father and his two children, his sweet son and daughter, embarked on an epic journey. There was no where and no why, only adventure. Across many beautiful and strange landscapes, the trio ventured. Along the way, they had many strange and dangerous encounters. There were traps, trolls, giant spiders, giant snails, man-eating plants, and gouts of flame. One by one, each obstacle was conquered in turn. The ground was stained with the blood of every living creature who dared to threaten them. The devoted father led the way in his shining suit of armor, determined to protect his son and daughter from any and all danger. His bright daughter plumbed the arcane depths to support them with magic, and the youngest, the son, picked off enemies from afar with his bow. Despite the hardships they endured, and the threats they faced, he managed to keep them safe, for that is the one and only true job of a father. It was shaping up to be a glorious experience; the kind of experience you remember forever. "

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