Kingdoms of Amalur: Xbox 360 Demo Footage

Check out some footage from the new Kingdoms of Amalur Demo for Xbox 360.

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Rampaged Death2346d ago

I enjoyed the demo. Yes there were a few problems but hopefully they are fixed in the final version. It's definitely better than Fable III.

Arts10002346d ago

Fixed in the final version ???........... this game comes out on the 7th of next month . How late do studio actually push things ?

Rampaged Death2346d ago

I'm going on this being an old version of the game.

Captain Qwark 92346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

i loved it, i thought the gameplay was perfection. def the game i have been waiting for all my life. the only problems i encountered were with some of the dialogue and cutscenes when you get to the top of the well of souls. other than that it was amazing