SEGA Should Re-Enter the Console Market

Ever wondered what a new SEGA Dreamcast might be like? If Ryan Peter were SEGA, he would be thinking about returning to the console market right about now. Here's why.

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NYC_Gamer2103d ago

they can't afford to compete with the big 3 console brands

Baka-akaB2103d ago

Rubbish idea ... they havent even saved yet the franchises they ruined or plainly abandonned .

BillytheAlien2103d ago

I know it would be extremely difficult but the way Microsoft is going, it would be great if SEGA could take their core fans and their market since MS seem to be going with the casual.

Although even trying to enter the market again and take their place they would have to have new IPs matching up to Halo/Gears/Fable, plus they would need to give Sonic a rest so they can do a well developed Sonic game in the future.

pucpop2103d ago

my dreamcast gets at least double the attention my PS3 gets. that says it all.

Rainstorm812103d ago says your gaming preference is pretty sad

YIZZY2103d ago

ha hes probably some xbox fanboy

Kurt Russell2103d ago

Yeah, I want a Sega Master Mega Super Cast and I want it's release title to be the final damn installment of Shenmue dammit! Throw a bit of Powerstone on the pot to simmer and mix in a bit of Daytona USE :D

Seriously though, although completely unlikely - I would support and buy it the day it came out.

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