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Underappreciated Games: Enslaved

Ninja Theory’s post-apocalyptic adventure title deserves a lot more praise than it got. Here's why. (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, PS3, Xbox 360)

gillri  +   987d ago
Undersold I think,

but it got reviewed quite well

I loved it, amazing journey
Kur0  +   986d ago
It was average at best. The combat was horribly repetitive and the screen tearing/framerate was annoying. The story was ok but nothing new. The only great thing about the game was the art style.
Truerandom  +   986d ago
Agree. To me I would rate it a 8.

The art style and plat-forming felt similar to Uncharted 2.

The only thing liked is the dialogue/voice acting.
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Der_Kommandant  +   986d ago
Ninja Theory has no idea on how to make a good game since Heavenly Sword
kreate  +   986d ago
-Game sucked. No one bought it.
-Many journalists/people advertised this game for the company for free with the slogan 'plz buy this game'
-Gamers started to buy this game after the price dropped to 20 bucks.
-Now the sales number isnt that bad.
-Now all of a sudden this is a good game.

This is the info i got from reading n4g. I have played this game, check my trophies. Its alright.
LarVanian  +   986d ago
You are right about people buying this game after the price drop. I bought it when it went down to £17 (you can now get it for £11 in the UK), and I have to admit, for the price I paid for the game I actually enjoyed it. I don't know if I'll bother with a sequel but I won't deny that I'm glad I bought Enslaved at such a cheap price.
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   986d ago
I really enjoyed the game but I felt like a tester, the game had no polishing.

It would have been okay for the first year of this gen, but 4-5 years into the generation, this wasn't right.

Don't get me started on those million unfindable orbs!! :P
cooperdnizzle  +   986d ago
I beat enslaved and to tell ya the truth, i thought the game wasn't that good at all. And everything i see these days is, hey enslaved was underrated, hey enslaved is actually a better game then you think, enslaved is way better then what people say it is ect.... And the truth is no it is not, the game is average at best to the fullest. A really really average game, and i think it got the scores it deserved and it got the sales it deserves
SolidGear3  +   986d ago
bought this the day it came out and loved it
StifflerK  +   986d ago
Same here , I thought it was great!

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