Underappreciated Games: Enslaved

Ninja Theory’s post-apocalyptic adventure title deserves a lot more praise than it got. Here's why.

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gillri2287d ago

Undersold I think,

but it got reviewed quite well

I loved it, amazing journey

Kur02287d ago

It was average at best. The combat was horribly repetitive and the screen tearing/framerate was annoying. The story was ok but nothing new. The only great thing about the game was the art style.

Truerandom2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Agree. To me I would rate it a 8.

The art style and plat-forming felt similar to Uncharted 2.

The only thing liked is the dialogue/voice acting.

Der_Kommandant2287d ago

Ninja Theory has no idea on how to make a good game since Heavenly Sword

kreate2287d ago

-Game sucked. No one bought it.
-Many journalists/people advertised this game for the company for free with the slogan 'plz buy this game'
-Gamers started to buy this game after the price dropped to 20 bucks.
-Now the sales number isnt that bad.
-Now all of a sudden this is a good game.

This is the info i got from reading n4g. I have played this game, check my trophies. Its alright.

LarVanian2287d ago

You are right about people buying this game after the price drop. I bought it when it went down to £17 (you can now get it for £11 in the UK), and I have to admit, for the price I paid for the game I actually enjoyed it. I don't know if I'll bother with a sequel but I won't deny that I'm glad I bought Enslaved at such a cheap price.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2287d ago

I really enjoyed the game but I felt like a tester, the game had no polishing.

It would have been okay for the first year of this gen, but 4-5 years into the generation, this wasn't right.

Don't get me started on those million unfindable orbs!! :P

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