Are indie game bundles doing more harm than good?

BeefJack: "We all love to grab a bargain, especially when it’s a bundle of brilliant indie gems for cheap. But could there be an unexpected, damaging side effect? James Pickard explores."

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WolfLeBlack2350d ago

As great read, as always from the Beefjack boys.

it's a pretty tricky situation: on the one hand having such Bundles makes complete sense as Indie games simply don't have the presence of the big boys and therefore bargains like this are the perfect way to attract attention. But as Beefjack says, if the trend continues then gamers will continously see Indie games as something that mere pennies should be paid for rather than something worth a decent amount of cash.

Eventually the Indie developers will have to ame a stand, I think, and start charging more for these bundles. At that point it'll be up to the gamers to understand why they must do this, and that Indie games can be worth the money.

Blues Cowboy2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Some interesting points there, and I agree that it's galling to see new games being sold at such low prices a few weeks after launch. I completely agree with WolfLeBlack's comment above.

But developers aren't stupid, and I'd argue that this is actually the evolution of a brave new pricing model. The Pay What You Want model clearly makes money - and everyone gets paid - so its proliferation shows that the system works. If it does become the normal way of buying indie games, it's only because there's strength in numbers and free publicity for studios who can't afford anything on a shoestring budget.

And, on top of all that, Steam etc don't take a cut.

radphil2349d ago

"Meanwhile, consumers will be put off from purchasing an indie game at launch, simply because they know it will reach a bundle in a few short weeks. There’s clearly no intentional malice from anyone involved, but it is a potentially devastating message to present."

This statement I have to disagree with. People don't know WHICH games are going to be put in a bundle if they do any for a while. Jamestown, Super Meat Boy, and Shank for example was out for a while, and FINALLY got into the last humble bundle. Cave Story+ just happened be one of the game in the newest one.