Bigben reveal multiplayer shooter Snipers

Fancy yourself an expert 'camper'? You like stalking your prey and letting them wonder 'where the heck did that come from?' Well the sniper lifestyle is what Snipers is all about.

Bigben Interactive is developing the multiplayer sniper-fest for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC with it due out this February. It's got five game modes tailored to you, with 6 futuristic rifles.

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Parasyte2101d ago

AM I the only person who gets a sort of Mirror's Edge vibe from the graphics?

TheGameFoxJTV2101d ago

Yes. Looks more like CS maps to me.

r212101d ago

who thinks this game is gonna be full of campers?
btw, for ps move fans, if there are any on here, its ps move compatible :D

suicidalblues2101d ago

The move compatible sniper rifle looked kinda neat, too.

Detoxx2101d ago

Looks abit like Borderlands

NobleRed2101d ago

Looks like Modern Combat Domination. But seriously who wants a multiplayer game where everyone is a Sniper? It's the same garbage like the multiplayer from Sniper Ghost Warrior.