PSP Firmware 3.80 Pictures

Now you may already be aware about firmware 3.80 hitting PSPs (at least in Japan anyway) on December the 18th but Famitsu have now uploaded some images of the new update in action. Although some of the text in the pictures are in japanese, they clearly are pictures of the new Internet Radio Player which is powered by SHOUTcast and the new option to save programs using the tv tuner sold separately. Some of the pictures can be found below. See the full story for all of them.


Eurogamer has spoken to Sony UK and they have confirmed the worldwide release of 3.80 on the 18th of December.

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Skerj3785d ago

PSP is now a mini Tivo, Wipeout Pulse is sweet as hell, and Patapon is out next week in Japan best handheld EVER!!

Gondee3785d ago

Is it just me, or did sony block psp homebrew?

Skerj3784d ago

Officially they blocked the homebrew, but custom firmwares still exist and are being worked on alongside the new official firmware updates.

kydrice3785d ago

Does the TV tuner work in the states as well? I know it's only sold in Japan but if it works here I'll be willing to import.

redninja3785d ago

Nope, it only works in Japan.

whoelse3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

The update will be worldwide on the 18th but they wont confirm if other countries will get all of the features mentioned and if there will be any extra ones that are yet to be mentioned.

StalkingSilence3784d ago

Good input here and on the Playstation forums. Looking forward to the now worldwide rollout of the 1.80 update.

Mikey_Gee3785d ago

.... Dark Alex, where are you ??

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