Top Ten Potential Disappointments Of 2012 takes a cynical look at ten of the most worrying and dubious releases slated for 2012.

Dealspwn writes: "Itagaki has gone, and his absence left a gaping gash in Ninja Gaiden III's horrendous preview build. Abominable QTEs ruin the immersion at every opportunity. Ryu spends half the time sliding around on his arse, and the rest of the time tortuously climbing up walls that he used to be able to clear in a few simple flips. Dismemberment, decapitation and the flying swallow are history, replaced by a silly rechargable attack. And why is there competitive multiplayer?

There is still time to fix it. Please fix it. Please."

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FuzzyPixels2372d ago

Gearing up for the Wii U to disappoint me greatly.

Blues Cowboy2372d ago

Not sure about you, but I don't actually know enough about the Wii U to be disappointed by it yet! Don't know anyone who's excited about it at the mo, though I suppose that E3 revelations could change all that.