The World Had Better Not End

If the world was to end in 2012, what would gamers miss? Here's why the Mayan Calendar and that old guy have to be wrong.

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Young_ART2285d ago

We sure wouldn't miss pointless N4G articles such as this...

tachy0n2285d ago

the mayans NEVER said the world will end in 2012... they said a new era would come thanks to the return of the quetazatcoatl. or some kind of god they believed in...

good thing the world is not ending this year cause I just bought a ps3 and a gaming pc :)

ndl15312285d ago

absolutely no one can predict when the world will end . not mayan not egyptian or any human on this earth . only god knows this and if you dont believe in god and jesus christ then all i have to say is good luck with that