Japanese demo for Armored Core 5 time sensitive, online and offline play

From Software's Armored Core 5 will receive a demo January 19th but it will only be in operation until the 23rd, for both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network with on and offline modes.

The online mode however won't function until the 21st when servers get switched on. A tutorial and story missions cater to offline gamers. No confirmation for a Western demo yet.

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2254d ago Replies(1)
FlashXIII2254d ago

Cool, hope I can navigate the menus from my Japanese account.

JellyJelly2254d ago

I remember the late 90's, when Armored Core was still relevant.

Captain Qwark 92254d ago

there are still plenty of people the're relevant to even if its not you. got mine preordered already and cannot wait for march 20th

slavish2254d ago

Does this game offer co-op?

Lavalamp2254d ago

Yeah. There's a coop campaign, and it supports local coop.

Giru0172254d ago

Yay, time to dust of 'ye old Japanese PSN account once more. Gotta love me some FROM SOFTWARE titles. I hope this game is more in line with LAST RAVEN than the later incarnations of AC.