Max Payne 3 delayed

TVGB: "The release of Max Payne 3 has slipped by a few months, Rockstar has just sent word."


New dates added: the 15th in North America and 18th internationally on consoles, and on PC on the 29th in NA June 1st internationally.

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Bundi2290d ago ShowReplies(3)
Rampaged Death2290d ago

May is dead for releases. Only Ghost Recon is down for release in May and it looks awful. Expect Max Payne to sell like hotcakes.

MaideninBlack2290d ago

Agreed. This was a smart move.

Hisiru2290d ago

I really don't care. It looks like a good action game, but a bad Max Payne game, just like Resident Evil 5 was a good action game but a bad Resident Evil.

I don't expect much from this game.

Vortex3D2290d ago

That's the problem with many sequels going. Developer/publisher seem to think unless the sequel becoming a heavy shooting game, the game can't sell.

BeaArthur2290d ago

This doesn't shock me. Rockstar has had success in that May time frame in recent years.

Crazyglues2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Can't you see this means no GTA V in MAY... OMG!!! The PAIN....

I was so hoping all the rumors were right and May would be the launch date, but if this just got pushed back to may, that means no GTA V in may because Rockstar would never put them out at the same time...

OMG - the pain, I feel like someone just punched me in the stomach, I was so looking forward to playing GTA V all summer... Now I guess summer is going to be all Max Payne...


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Slade2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

what a shocker.......this is rockstar

a company that has fallen into the gutter this gen

Theyve only released 2 or 3 games themselves, all delayed to heck and then a year latter a goty edition with content that was cut from the original game........

and then they release a fourth game and again its delayed to hell

hellvaguy2290d ago

@ Slade

Read Dead Redemption was GOTY in 2010 by most accounts and had 95% Metacritic score.

This alone is prolly why your getting all the disagrees for not knowing what your talking about. I prefer delays if it means a better game at the end of the day.

Slade2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

1 game? 1 game reviewed high from media ( but is actually quite boring)

is why I should care about rockstar? There game production decreases by 75 percent

they rip people off with dlc and really pathetic goty editions like red dead.

and they are good?

mynameisEvil2290d ago

Maybe you forgot about all the other games they've made this generation? Like, GTA IV and both of it's expansions (which, alone, is an entirely new game worth of content), GTA V, GTA: Chintatown Wars (that was a great one) THIS ONE (Max Payne 3, obviously), and Midnight Club: Los Angeles?

Sorry to say, but's more than "1 game". And, Yes, the DLC was good (Please tell me how TLaD, and TBoGT were actually in the original game. Same for Undead Nightmare in RDR. These DLCs are too big for the discs, man).

All in all, excluding my personal dislike for GTA IV for it's controls, which worked much better in RDR, they've brought content out that their studios have developed themselves.

Oh, I forgot. You've been playing CoD too much to know anything about the outside world. My apologies, I had completely forgotten.


@ Slade

you sound more like you are talking about 99% of all the other dev's this gen, Not R*...

Are you sure you know who R* are, lol.

Nate-Dog2290d ago

"why I should care about Rockstar?" If you don't care about them why are you posting in here?

As for saying Rockstar rip people off with DLC, if you think providing DLC such as Undead Nightmare in RDR or Ballad of Gay Tony in GTAIV is a rip-off perhaps you should try some DLC from games like Call of Duty if you want to experience being ripped off.

Trainz2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

They actually released 4:

Midnight Club LA
L.A. Noire

2 of those won GOTY and one of them was revolutionary.

Rockstar simply don't make bad games.
Some may not be amazing but they are never bad.
Take your crap somewhere else.

yezz2290d ago

well i think rockstar is smart and delays the game if they see that something is wrong and when they finally release the game it works well...
Yes rockstar hasn't released huge amount of games now but they are very good with much content and big DLC. Rockstar doesn't fall so low like COD and do the same game quickly over and over and over again :S

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zu4G2290d ago

this is because theres too many games coming this march!
too many competition, games like Resident evil Operation racoon city, 3 silent hill games (SH HD, SH Downpour), jrpg's like Tales of graces, Yakuza Dead souls, Ninja Gaiden 3.. i think Rockstar made a smart desicion

Prcko2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

so when GTA5 gonna come out??????
fuuuuuuu rockstar i want GTA 5 this year!!!!

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