Gamer Rage: 5 Things Angry Gamers Are Guilty Of

NowGamer: "Extreme pad smashing, disc snapping, trash talking: We check out the 5 worst habits of angry gamers. Prepare for rage.

Gaming is supposed to be a fun, relaxing hobby, yet everyday you hear about people rage quitting games of Modern Warfare 3, smashing up controllers after losing thousands of souls in Dark Souls, and outright flaming a game or developer just because they need to stop moaning and be better at Battlefield 3..."

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Feckles2230d ago

Also: guilty of giving gamers a bad name. Especially on COD.

Manners, people, manners.

Blastoise2230d ago

Its people like YOU who give gamers a bad name. You dont have to bring CoD into everything you know?

Lex_Dangerously 2229d ago

Cod is mentioned several times in the article. You either didn't actually read it or..... well idk what else.

Blastoise2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

@Lex_Dangerously true, but there was still no need to point out CoD as the worst for giving gamers a bad name. Im not a massive CoD fan but it seems hatingCoD on n4g is just a quick and easy way for agree`s...

fastrez2230d ago

Number one: spot on.

But, he's clearly a cod fanboy.

Cosmit2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Where did he come off as one? If he is there a problem?

fastrez2230d ago

No problem, I like CoD a lot too, but there's a lot of time spent justifying what people perceive to be real issues with the game's balancing. Seems a bit one sided to me.

skyward2230d ago

Controller smash. Swearing. Clenched fists. That's about all I get up to.

peowpeow2229d ago

I love watching my friends rage. I've seen 2 mouses broken (slamming onto desk) and a controller squeezed hard enough that the trigger buttons popped out.
As for myself I start cursing, then quit. Only happens on late night CoD though where I forget that I'm playing for fun

ringojelly2230d ago

I laughed and nodded along

Blastoise2230d ago

Never been angry enough to break a controller or a disc, but iv definitely given some abuse over the headset. Also sent some angry messages too...I look at them when iv calmed down and feel pretty stupid haha

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The story is too old to be commented.