Half-Life 3 fans petition Valve on Steam

Fans eagerly awaiting Half-Life 3 have started a Steam group petitioning Valve to be more open about the game’s development, dubbing the studio’s lack of communication as ‘frustrating’.

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ProjectVulcan2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Ahh yes. Half Life 2 to continue with episodic games so as to improve the speed of launching these titles and avoid the massive wait that amounted to 6 years between Half Life and the full blown sequel Half Life 2. Only 3 years from Half Life 2 and Episode 1 and then 2 in October 2007. This episodic release business seems to be working :-)

Great! Probably only another 2 years maybe for episode 3.

Wait what? Its 2012 and STILL no news of Episode 3 or any follow on to the massive cliffhanger that was episode 2? FIVE YEARS this October? WTFFFFFFFF!!!!??!?!?

JsonHenry2344d ago

Yeah man. Its been so long I don't even remember what all I did in the first two episodes.

NYC_Gamer2344d ago

i'll have to replay the episodes before part 3 comes

Hufandpuf2344d ago

This is to build up anticipation so its hype will skyrocket and speculations, blogs, and comments will be all about HL3 and will ultimately lead to strong sales. Its a common PR tactic. HL3 is an enigma people, if you stop looking for it it will come to you.

roadkillers2344d ago

Bubbles to you for understanding hype.

Auld2344d ago

I agree, but explain the "agent" situation to me then. No petition, not many people clamoring for its release, soon to be forgotten

Hufandpuf2344d ago

Well, agent isn't a sequel to anything so it's hard to get excited for something you've never experienced before. Usually new IPs focus on mass promotion, or rely on word of mouth in an attempt to save money.

SephirothX212344d ago

Half Life 3 is the most anticipated game ever. Valve are probably nervous about screwing it up. I believe the game has been in development since 2004 when HL2 came out. I think Episode 1 and 2 were just tests to see what fans wanted. I'd say it will launch exclusively on pc late 2013 and then come out on next gen consoles after that.

StayStatic2344d ago

Sounds about right as Valve will no doubt want to encourage as many customers to use the Steam platform. Also maybe , just maybe we will get a teaser at E3 :)

aliengmr2343d ago

Its safe to assume that from the time the concept art was released they stopped production and changed gears. I think they found the episodic way of making Half-Life was too much work for very little gain. Whether it was other projects they wanted to do or something bigger for Half-Life I'm not sure.

Truth be told, Half-Life 3 needs to be a major step forward. With Portal 2 you can see Source is starting to show it age a bit. If HL3 looked like Portal 2 and had the same load points, I don't think I would be very impressed. I am not saying Portal 2 was bad in any way, but HL3 is the flagship.

Over the years I have found Valve to be frustratingly secretive but also conscious of their customers. If they say nothing at all of HL3 then Im guessing a surprise is in the works. Otherwise, if they see enough people asking they may through out a little info. My guess is we know something this year.

Kran2344d ago

I wonder how HL3 can have fans. It's not even out yet ;P

Title should have removed the 3.

Lex_Dangerously 2344d ago

That's almost exactly what I came here to say. Lol I love me some episode two, don't get me wrong. But you are absolutely correct. :)

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