Nyko rolls out Charge Base 2 for PS3

Via Engadget:

"Nyko's already delivered one SIXAXIS charging station in the form of the original Charge Base, but those that don't need to charge four controllers simultaneously may do well to consider the company's just-announced Charge Base 2, which'll accommodate a pair of controllers and save you a few bucks. It's still not a perfect solution, however, as you'll have to attach a pair of adapters to the SIXAXIS's mini-USB ports before you drop 'em in, and try not to lose them when you take 'em off. But if you want to give your PS3 a rest and get rid of one less tangle of cables, you should be able to grab one of these next week for $30."

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benihya3813d ago

you can buy USB electrical adapter for $5 and charge your PS3 controller, Ipod, Camera etc.. just from the wall outlet.

check it here

blu3print3813d ago

i just charge mine on the PC, it's always on

name3813d ago

Using a computer> spending 30 dollars

kornbeaner3813d ago

Buy an extra Mini-USB cable and you can do the same. For me while I play with 1 the other one is charging.

DrWan3813d ago

this isn't the Wii, no need for the Nyko charge station