NPD: Behind the numbers of 2011

After three straight months of gains according to the sales-tracking NPD Group, the U.S. retail video game industry pulled back in December for an end of the year that caught many by surprise.

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Anon19742288d ago

Interesting look at the changing game landscape in the US. Like the author noted, Nintendo sure took credit for driving industry gains but sure is quiet now as the void the Wii and DS leave brings down the numbers across the entire industry. I also agree that this may well be the best year the 360 could see in the US. I'm not even going to pretend that I've ever understood PS3 sales in the US but another price cut certainly couldn't hurt. And as for the Vita - again, I'm with the author on this one. I think it looks like a great handheld but I don't know how it's going to perform in the long run with the way gamer's habits are changing. Same goes for the 3DS. I'd love to be wrong about both of them, though.

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GraveLord2288d ago

What is so confusing about the PS3 in the US?

Xbox 360 gets the most marketing by the gigantic Microsoft corporation so it sells more. It's not that complicated.

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otherZinc2288d ago

Seems the 360 outsold all SONY platforms combined.

The Wii has nothing to hold its head down for, they still won this gen. The 3DS will be fine when Nintendo slow the sales of their other handhelds.

The PSVita will collapse quickly as its targeting a market that has smart phones, tablets, & iPads. 3DS is safe as its target market is 3 to 10yrs old: Vita is 14 & up; this crowd has out grown that market.

gamingdroid2288d ago

I agree, I question the PS Vita strategy.

The Wii although is contracting is selling as well as the PS3, right before a new hardware launch. They have nothing to "hold their head down for".

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BubloZX2288d ago

I disagree with the Vita statement. While it does act more smart phone-like its target audience is still the gamer. Unlike the 3ds the psvita in the long run will have full developer support that will try and push the hardware to its limits while the 3ds will heavily rely on first party support. Unless the vita comes with a "call/text function" it is in no competion with a phone. and until ipads,tablets, and smart phones have some type of cartradige or external medium they wont compete with the vita or 3ds.

SDF Repellent2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

"I suggest you ignore these taylored numbers and only listen to official info from Sony which is always truthfull."

LOL, like the truthful official 3.8 million sold in one day for Uncharted 3 from Sony.

Venjense2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

That was fantastic, I only wish it covered the entire market not just the US (it's only a partial picture and not indicative of the market as a whole) but it was very interesting nonetheless. IMO