Abobo’s Big Adventure [TPV] Review

TPV's Elliot: "In the early 90s Abodo came to the Nintendo Entertainment System to find fame and fortune without even a shirt on his back. His first big break was a part in Double Dragon, as one of the first goons standing in the protagonists’ way. Sadly things did not go well for our mustachioed hero and the next few years marked a sad decline for Abodo. Over his downwards spiraling career, he fought Battletoads, grew an embarrassing mohawk, appeared in a rubbish Double Dragon cartoon painted entirely blue, appeared as ‘Abubo’ in Rage of the Dragons wearing a pink tank top and at his absolute lowest was played in a film by Nils Allen Stewart. He was just one more NES star character doomed to unloved obscurity, that is until this month’s release of Abobo’s Big Adventure."

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