Call of Duty 10: Now Infinity Ward's Hiring For 'Next-Gen'

NowGamer: 2013 Call of Duty studio hiring for 'next-gen' project.

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Feckles2347d ago

I think next-gen could be when we see a few changes to the order of things. Like Call of Duty being the number one online shooter.

It's the perfect time for someone else to step up and take that crown, I bet DICE can't wait to get a Battlefield game up and running on the next Xbox/PS4.

Fishy Fingers2347d ago

Would it matter, DICE have built a "better" product, a far superior engine with benchmark visuals and destruction. Still COD is as big as ever. If they can carry over they're "fun factor" with next-gen, theres no reason COD cant continue its success, no matter how many pixels the competition maybe pushing.

PS. I'm a BF fan, prefer it to COD, I only add that as if you dont completely bash COD, N4G will surely label me a "sheep" or "kid" or whatever the "cool" insult is for people who like playing COD, this week.

LightofDarkness2347d ago

This week's insult is "silly billy." You silly billy.

But in fairness, I don't care if you play COD, I quite enjoyed the wager matches in BLOPS. They were fast, arcadey fun that has been missing in these military shooters of late, it kind of felt like playing Goldeneye back in the day.

So there is fun to be had in playing COD.

Ducky2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

DICE has had to sacrifice a few things, such as the 60fps frame-rate in order to achieve the visuals/destruction.
That isn't exactly a small sacrifice and I think that's why CoD has been ahead of everyone else; it is able to achieve better controls.

Frame-rate isn't exactly a factor on PC, and it appears that CoD's popularity there has been declining, so perhaps consoles will follow suit if both games performed on the same level.
So, in next-gen, if someone can out-do CoD in gameplay, performance, and visuals, then they'll be able to take it down. 2 out of 3 isn't enough.

FlashXIII2347d ago

Activision are too smart/greedy to allow their competitors this sort of advantage.. my guess is that MW4 will be a launch game for next gen consoles.

GraveLord2347d ago

True. It is time for change. But you think Call of Duty won't have huge exciting changes as well?

Same gameplay but with, more air support active at once, destructible environments and of course better graphics.

I know what you're going to say. "Battlefield 3 already had destructible environments!" yeah but I prefer the gameplay of COD. The pace, the game modes, everything.

skyward2347d ago

Let's see what Crytek has been sitting on with a next-gen launch title. IW are gonna need a bigger (better) boat (engine).

Ezio20482347d ago

i love COD series and currently digging into MW3 & KZ3 both but i am honestly saturated with the graphics of COD games. i mean i remember that until COD 4 (or even MW2), the games' visuals were spectacular but since the competition has been upped drastically, IW does require to push their limits and give me COD in a new look, better animation, etc.

really hope MW4 makes my dream true!!
please IW...

artdafoo2347d ago

Let me be the first to crush your dreams here and now. Next gen COD games will look like MW3. Sorry

hot1112347d ago

Rockstar is hiring for next gen too

next gen is coming quickly whether internet nerds like it or not

Urrakia342347d ago

This is Activision guys, they're probably already planning the development of next-next-gen CoD and its respective DLC packs.

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The story is too old to be commented.