Hacker becomes Battlelog moderator

NGN - "A user by the name of MrPropper777 is a moderator on the Battlelog forums - the central hub for all things BF3. There is just one problem, he is a hacker."

UPDATE: EA removed the thread and stripped the hacker of his moderator tags. Screenshots of the incident are included.

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zeksta2228d ago

Well played EA.. Well played..

LightofDarkness2228d ago

Well played? They technically lost the game. The guy managed to hack his way to a moderator's position before willfully exposing himself. God knows for how long he could've kept it up.

iChii2228d ago

I rather get hacked...


Than getting banned for using a glitch token 3 times (I didn't know it was that bad), moved to level 1, not allowed to play for 32 hours AND.. Resetting all my stats. Oh and thats not all, they took all my kills and wins and added 10,000 deaths and 1000 losses.

Guess who doesn't own Mw3 anymore? Even if it was a gift from my girlfriend, I sold that garbage. I'll probably stick to single player gaming and Mortal Kombat...

ItsMeAgain2228d ago


Get owned crybaby =]that you deserved right there.

Mikeyy2227d ago


You cheat, you get dealt with. man up.

Trainz2228d ago

I wish I could hack into a mod here lol.
Oh the things I would do to the forums ;)
I miss that place :'(

Brownghost2227d ago

It's benefitting to work with hackers

FernandoMartinez2227d ago

I'd rather have them use the word cheater not hacker.

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