Skyward Sword soars above franchise’s high expectations | Nique Review

A common complaint among long-running video game franchises is that they tend to become formulaic in nature, sacrificing potential opportunities for innovation to produce a game based on a model that is known to succeed. Sometimes, though, the reason that a franchise sticks to a tried-and-true formula is that the blueprint simply works—and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a clear example.

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LettingGo2252d ago

It's new for Zelda, but nothing new for the industry. I don't get the praise this game is getting. It was good, but by no means was it anything special.

Kur02252d ago

Yeah I'm a huge Zelda fan but this game was disappointing. I hated the music and the blurry impressionist style. The motion controls were awesome but the game continues to completely hold your hand. It was nice that they added an upgrade system but its not enough. The Zelda series needs a big change.

Pozzle2252d ago

I liked the music and the art style (though I preferred Twilight Princess' art style), but I definitely agree with the hand-holding. Previous Zelda games didn't need 2-3 hour long "tutorial" introductions and an annoying sidekick who won't let me figure out puzzles on my own. Even Navi wasn't as annoying as Fi! :(

Still, it's a good game...but I certainly don't agree with the reviewers who call it the best in the Zelda series. I hope the next game improves on all Skyward Sword's good points, but doesn't treat me like an idiot or a 3 year old with the constant hand-holding and repeated explanation scenes.

Clarence2252d ago

Not that great of a game.

SyluxPT2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

All i want is a Zelda set in Termina or Hyrule with Wii u Zelda Tech Demo graphics..
Could be a Majora's Mask remake.. Or a story after majora's but in Termina..