PS Vita: Europe to edge towards Wi-Fi model, expects Sony

CVG: Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House has said he expects European consumers to edge towards the Wi-Fi only Vita model when the portable launches in the West on February 22.

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Bundi2285d ago

Yeah I could have told you that.

MmaFan-Qc2284d ago

im getting the wifi version like what...85-90% of the peoples who will get the PSV.

darthv722284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

its about getting the full package. Provided I can buy the 3g edition without having to get the data plan at the same time.

It may be a bit more but you get everything inclusive. It isnt like you can add 3g support to the wifi version but you can use wifi in the 3g version.

Like those who were torn between the ps3 at launch. The 60gb had wifi and media reader and the 20gb did not. You couldnt simply add wifi or a media reader to the 20gb like what sony had inside the 60gb. Even if you didnt use it, it was nice to know it was there for the extra scratch.

I dont know of anyone who bought the 20gb unit. It was cheaper but also had less features.

MasterCornholio2284d ago

I don't expect the 3G model to sell well but the WiFi one will do just fine.


ThirstyforFanta2284d ago ShowReplies(1)
MasterCornholio2284d ago

Lol you two are so funny. Can't believe you got offended by my signature. I use it every time I post with my phone. Since it isn't against the TS I will continue to do it.

Here's double just for you.


Hx3KinG2284d ago

Well im getting the 3G version, since there are no contracts so i can top up my data anytime with no obligations. plus 'Near' is looking really interesting.

In my opinion paying the little extra for the 3G version is well worth it, since you have always got that option later on the use features like 'Near' and playing multiplayer on the go etc.

MagicAccent2284d ago

2 or 10 gig limit and paying the monthly cost of the 3G?
I honestly can't see the 'worth'..

Wi-Fi is avaiable pracically everywhere anyways(on trains, café's, hotels, libraries ect.), and if it's not, you can just use your cellphone as a router..

Hx3KinG2284d ago

its not monthly cost! at least not in the i said in my comment above!

Baka-akaB2284d ago

last i checked , and unless mistaken no you wont play multiplayer on 3g ...

This alone cut by half any interest into the 3g version

Hx3KinG2284d ago

Really? didn't know that! im assuming a later firmware will allow this though...i hope anyway

Optical_Matrix2284d ago

I think thats the case. My friend has a PS Vita and used tethering on his phone to output a WiFi signal through his phones 3G connection. The Vita registered it and he played UMvC3 Online during his lunch break, lag free according to him. That alone makes the 3G version pointless to me.

The extra £50 or so I would have spent on it can get me two extra Vita games.

Baka-akaB2284d ago

I dont think any amount of firmware is going to solve that . Those arent the small "crap" phone games but real handheld console ones , so i dunno .

3G is not good (at least not yet) for online gaming because of latency.

Attention , some people do play on 3g dongle and such on pc or ps3 ... i'm just saying it's not great and worth much .

Kurisu2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

"Playing multiplayer on the go"

I don't think you can play online over 3G.

EDIT: Baka got there before me!

Ddouble2284d ago

I'm getting the 3G for the same exact reasons. No contract and with social features being hevaily implemented into many games i'll like the option for a game that I like. Ruin and Unit 13 benefit a lot from notifications and I'm sure there would be a game in feature where I would need the 3G. Also Near anywhere you go and GPS is a nice bonus.

Some games will support multiplayer through 3G but not the majority.

MagicAccent2284d ago

Free 3G? Are you sure?

In that case, it's awesome.

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user39039992284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

It will be the same for the US too.
I'm already paying over $250 for the Vita, add the over priced memory card and $40 games.
That's way more than way I want to spend on a portable.
So I'll pass on the over priced and crappy AT&T 3G.

Can't wait for my Vita to arrive

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