Microsoft: Brands tune in to Xbox LIVE

"When you hear Xbox, most people think gaming, says Dean Carignan*. From a marketer’s perspective, that means reaching the 18-to-34 year-old male. This idea that Xbox is only for gamers is a common misconception, even among savvy marketers, but many are starting to realize Xbox LIVE is not just for gamers."

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Kur02257d ago

And you still get to pay for LIVE. Thanks MS!

CarlitoBrigante2257d ago

Why the FK did they put such big advertisements in the new dashboard?? Are they trying to please gamers or their business partners?

Thank god with the XMB I have this awesome ICO and Shadow of the Colossus dynamic theme!

Yi-Long2257d ago

... I love my 360, and I have gold, but paying for the service AND seeing ads just shouldn't be the case.

I'm thinking of dropping my Gold subscription, and this certainly is one of the reasons for doing so.

Emilio_Estevez2257d ago

They are trying to please business partners, they give a hell of a lot more money to MS than you or I do.

darthv722257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

they would add the option of browsing the ads instead of them being a random display in the lower corner each time.

Some of them are cool to click on (like the doritos superbowl contest) but once you seen it and move to a different section, if you try to go back and watch it again it is a different ad. Mostly it seems its always the WoW chuck norris ad.

Let me cycle which ones I want to see like I can use the right thumbstick to cycle the stuff in the center area.

Also, when i think of xbox i think of that scene in transformers where that guys 360 came to life in the box. Surprisingly, not many even knew it was there. Not sure how that works. Did MS pay to get the product placement or did the studio approach them to have it in there?

I know that advertising goes both ways. Where you used to see references to the PS brand in movies and TV (still do for Sony/Columbia/TriStar pictures) and now there is more reference to the xbox in popular culture. MS just trying to make some of that $$$ back it would seem.

Goozex2257d ago

I agree. I have to "swim" through all the crap to get to my games and content. I understand companies have to make money but come on remember u r here for a reason and that would be to SATISFY GAMERS! I think m$ is obssessed with making money instead of us.

aPerson2257d ago

"With the launch of our new Xbox 360 experience, we’re offering advertisers two new opportunities in the form of standard 30-second spots within traditional TV content on Xbox LIVE, and Kinect-enabled branded destination experiences"

Wow, how kind of you, Microsoft! What a privilege!

Seriously, MS, you can get stuffed. If I knew years back that this was the direction the Xbox was headed, I would have saved my money.

Grrrrrr!!! I mad.

antbolton892257d ago ShowReplies(1)
baldulf2257d ago

Pay for Live and eat ads just to start playing your own games.

Way to go MS.

darthv722257d ago

because I dont. People are trying to equate these ads like having to sit through commercials or a preview at the movies.

If it got to that point where before you could play a game you had to watch a preview for deodorant or whatever then I can see where your POV would make sense.

Thankfully it hasnt. I guess people are ok with mandatory previews on purchased movies. So far every dvd or bluray I buy has previews I CAN NOT skip past. Pressing the menu option present a red circle representing "NO" on the screen. So I just ride it out and can then watch the movies.

Seems the only way to bypass that is for me to rip the dvd to my pc then burn them back to a dvd without the ads and special features. So i guess I have to it worth it?

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