Zelda Wii U: A Chance to Vindicate the Original Vision of Twilight Princess?

ZI writes: "It's been seven years since our first glimpse at what could be, and while I think most of us would agree that Twilight Princess didn't quite live up to the expectations set by that initial showing, with Zelda Wii U on the horizon and the HD experience tech demo still fresh in our minds I think we might be due for a revisit to that lofty dream."

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Gr812291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

A chance to bring the series back to the forefront of excellence. Cut the bs out of it and keep it about the content, the fighting and exploring and growing.

Tadtones? Robots? Kwiki's? Pumpkin Carrying? Wtf? TP had its share of bs too, but not as much as SS.

And for one, quit fucking with the artstyle, keep the final game looking like it did in the demo this time.

Not like they did with us Zelda fans with the spaceworld demo that looked like OoT on steroids, and we ended up with WW...Never did get over that.

2EHO2291d ago

I agree I never got over that. If they decide to do the same thing with the Wii U version I will have a heart attack. Also I wanted skyward sword to be like twilight princess on steroids... We know Wii is a little more Powerful than gamecube so I think they could have updated the engine to take advantage of that extra power. Plain and simple nintendo don't fu$# this up.

ChickeyCantor2290d ago

And they did.
While you may not agree with the artstyle, SS did take advantage of the Wii.

Nintendo didn't F'up. You people simply are fixated on one style.

Gr812289d ago

Is a pretty game and I think some of the art works wonderfully. The artsyle isn't the issue with SS the content is.

Too much nonsense to do not enough combat, no exploration. It's a forgettable game.

And WW, people who say its timeless artsyle, please. WW was a huge step back for the series the demo showed was OoT on steroids, we got WW. The fan backlash was so strong Nintendo went back and tweaked the artsyle to become Twilight Princess. Just look at the first ever reveal of TP people were going nuts.

SS is not a bad game. But it isn't great either, there are some great things acheived within the technical aspects, but the content it severly lacking. Overall, it is decent. But I can not in good faith honestly reccommend SS to a casual gaming fan. If they did not previously play one of Aonuma's Zelda games.

Khordchange2291d ago

no you ended up with Twilight Princess, which looked miles better than that spaceworld demo.

Gr812289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

WW came first. After the fan reaction Nintendo basically rebooted Zelda after WW was met with a lukewarm response. Partially due to the artsyle.

ChickeyCantor2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Wind Waker is awesome.
Go cry moar. =D

kefka_palazzo2291d ago

spaceworld demo that looked like OoT on steroids, and we ended up with WW...


--Onilink--2291d ago

yeah WW, which is probably the only game thats still going to look good in 20 years. The art style was excellent and timeless

Gr812289d ago

WW came first, that's what we got. Nintendo fans got the bait and switch. I wasn't 12 years old when this happened. I remember everyone was SHOCKED when WW was first shown, the audience was silent, they could not believe what Nintendo had done with the Zelda series at that point. They expected Zelda to be like the demo showed previously, we got an annoying little cel shaded bastard instead. (Though I like Toon Link in Brawl ; ).

But seriously The backlash was tremendous at that point.

I don't understand what it is about restrospect but I am amazed at how some people site MM or WW as being something other than what they were, a decline in the Zelda series. WW moreso than MM.

Let go of your sacred cows. You can't tell me any Zelda game post OoT even remotely resembles the Zelda games that gave Zelda prestige in the first place.

You ca't tell me that you enjoyed the extreme handholding of SS, the over abundance of text of some bozo named Groose, among many others. you can't tell me you don't find robots out of place in a Zelda game. You can't tell me you enjoy flying a red bird in a barren sky.

Sorry, play the NES Zelda's again, play Alttp, play OoT. After that, play every Zelda game after and tell me there isn't something amiss. After OoT, Zelda goes somewhere else, and SS illustrates best just how far the Zelda series has lost its roots.

I'm not even gonna touch the DS Zelda games. C'mon, a chu-chu train?

ninjahunter2289d ago

Then there would be one reason for me to buy it. On top of my pc that is.