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The Digital Fix give their take on the Vectorcell's survival-horror game Amy.

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ilovemyps32253d ago

Another 5 or 6 reviews, 1+1+1+1.. and Amy will get a 10

CarlitoBrigante2252d ago

Go to Metacritic and give this game the lowest score. The devs should be aware of the consequences of bringing crap to gamers.

WolfLeBlack2252d ago

I disagree. You should go to Metacritic and give the game a constructive review with a score to match, that way the developers understand where they went wrong.

Going to Metacritic and just giving a game a zero is a massive problem right now. People do it just because they don't like one little thing in the game or for petty reasons. This does not help us get better games because such scores generally just get ignored.

The lowest score you can give on Metacritic is 0/10. How does Amy justify such a score, unless it literally blew up your games console/PC when you booted it up, which I'm assuming it did not?

By all means write a Metacritic review, but make it fair and constructive, that way we can all hopefully get better games in the future!

WolfLeBlack2253d ago

I'm currently in the middle of writing my own review for it (after almost turning the damn game off at Chapter 5) and while I certainly feel that's it's not a good game, I don't think it quite deserves a 1/10. Such a score, to me, means the game is literally unplayable, which from my own experience is not true. it's playable, it's just not fun.

ilovemyps32252d ago

Yeah, even if the game isnt a goty, I think reviewers are taking the game and using it as a punching ball. To evacuate stress,or whatever.
A 1/10 means your playing a game with no textures, sound,nothing.
I'm sure graphics aren't THAT bad, along with the sounds, music,etc.

Thanks for trying to play and finish the game, for your could even not play the game, copy some reviews, and give it a 2/10.
Nice work.

WolfLeBlack2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Hehe, thank you. As I said, I don't my admitting that on Chapter 5 I was about ready to just stop right there. I haven't played a level that annoying in quite a while.

The key here is that reviews that really bash a game are popular: they attract a lot of attention and views which is good for a site, and so, and I hate to say this, a lot of reviewers out there will bash the hell out of a game because they know a review like that will get read more than one that gives it a good score. It's wierd, but people like to read negative reviews.

Personally I'm still undecided on the score I'm going to give it. I'm hovering between a 3 and 4, because it's playable, the story is sort of intriguing and the audio, voice acting excepted, is pretty good. But I didn't actually have any fun at all playing it, which is of course the big one :D

LightofDarkness2252d ago

Agreed, in order to merit a score so low, it has to be more akin to this: sgLV68

That's an example of an utterly broken game. It is clearly unfinished, unplayable and technically broken. It has missed every single mark of a decent game by a wide margin. It is the most obvious example of a 1/10 game I can think of. Amy doesn't seem to look that terrible much of the time, so it gets some points for being graphically competent at least.

The game is completable and has an end-game objective and fairly clearly defined goals, so it gets some points for that too. Once you venture below 4/10, the game is technically broken in some regard and mired by bad or generic design. Amy sounds to me like a 3/10, but I haven't really played the game so I can't say for certain.

But judging by descriptions, it just doesn't sound like a 1/10, where you only get a point for being released. Kind of like only signing your name on an exam; sure, you were there, but that's about it.

WolfLeBlack2252d ago

Well said.

Indeed, I can, I believe, fairly say that Amy is hampered by some terrible design choices, generic ideas and some poorly executed moments, as well as trial and error gameplay and a save system so infuriating that it can start World War 3.

Graphically it looks like a Playstation 2 game.

I also have one random gripe about the game, which won't make it into my review because it's not really worth mentioning: at the start of Chapter 2, what the hell is that wierd monster thing? Why does it existence? How does it exist? It just defies all reason :D

Ezio20482252d ago

mate, you are absolutely right!!

unfortunately many critics don't appreciate such things.

ilovemyps32252d ago

Lol, that is a truck !
The developer of that game should make a plugin for skyrim: climbing mountains, with that truck, would be much easier, and faster :)