CVG: Gravity Rush: Sony talks us through Vita's mental adventure

CVG: Keiichiro Toyama on his innovative third-person action game.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Sony's PS Vita is the amount of games you will be able to buy for it - we're promised no fewer than 33 for the UK launch. And it's not as though they are mere ports of games we've seen before.

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sinncross2321d ago

sounds awesome! cant wait for this to release!

MasterCornholio2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Nice exclusive it really shows what devs can do with the vitas innovative control interface. A game like this wouldn't be possible if the Vita didn't have an extra analog stick. I will have to check out the demo.

Edit: Interesting that it started out as a PS3 title but then they turned it into a Vita one. Also curious is that it's a first party title. Just shows that Sony is very capable when it comes to creating new IPs.


tarbis2321d ago

Played the demo on my PSV and I'm getting this first day. =D