Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo now on Xbox LIVE

XMNR: 38 Studios is stepping out big with its first game, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, by bringing in top talent including writer R.A. Salvatore, artist Todd McFarlane and The Elder Scrolls III and IV lead designer Ken Rolston. Gamers get their first taste of the open-world RPG on Tuesday with a demo that hit Xbox LIVE first on Tuesday.

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TimmyShire2351d ago

Looking forward to trying this, though I'll grab the demo on PSN when it goes live there.

Arts10002351d ago

Seeing that this new IP it has been shown with what appears to be 360 hardware ( skyrim ) I am skeptical the game will be as good on PS3. When it comes to third part publishing the Sony system has been a bit of a let down this gen .

Still , I cross my fingers ........... the game looks fantastic .

nicolajNN2351d ago

The game has been developed in-house specifically on all platforms, no ports like you see with some other games. I am getting it for PS3 and the lead-programmer has ordered his signature edition of it on PS3 as well

Arts10002349d ago

Thanks for the encouragement , and facts ........ I must tell you I am and have always been a Sony supporter it is my only system . Just that 3rd party support has been sporadic at best .

After falling deeply in love with Skyrim and having the game become all but unplayable . ( a straw snapped somewhere ) Still ,

For all my talk , I have actually preorded kingdoms of Amalur as I am hopeless when I get a taste of this type of beauty .

JellyJelly2351d ago

There's a demo for The Darkness 2 as well. Good stuff MS!

Despair6662351d ago

good...cant wait for the pc version to come out

Boanerges2351d ago

I want this game to be good. Judging it on the hype it creates is foolish, so I will wait. Patiently.