SWTOR: Update 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls Delayed - BioWare

NowGamer: Star Wars: The Old Republic's first game update postponed until later this week.

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TimmyShire2231d ago

I've barely even reached the end yet anyway... need. more. time.

Feckles2231d ago

No rush, take your time.

fluffydelusions2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

It's only delayed a few days...probably to ensure people up their subscription after the free month is up to play it :) Regardless, I'm no where close to the end anyway.

Drewminati2230d ago

i'm pretty much geared and cleared both raids, working on hard modes now, But i think bioware should take their time and test it before release

oh and don't forget to nerf mercenarys pls