Hands-On Preview: Tribes Ascend - Electronic Theatre

The FPS action itself is comparable to two criminally underrated current-generation releases, ShadowRun and Section 8. Each player has two movement abilities, skis and jetpack, which allow for tactical additions to positioning both at ground level and in the sky. These abilities are limited by recharging meters, much like ShadowRun’s tech/mana meter. The combat is swift and aggressive, with players rarely finding opportunity to execute opponents with their melee weapon, and should the player find that their chosen class simple isn’t cutting the mustard, they can use the Inventory Stations placed throughout the maps to change their class, as well as acquiring more ammo and recharging health, ski and jetpack meters. For those who can’t quite make it to an Inventory Station for the recharge however, there is always the option to call-in external assistance.

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