Hands-On Preview: Hot Shots Golf 5

At Sony's Media Day in NYC, Loot Ninja got to play some Hot Shots Golf 5 on PS3. They've played the Japanese demo quite a bit, so they had something to go off when playing the US version. They were surprised to see the graphics look even better than the demo. The game runs at 720p at 60fps, which Sony had displayed on a nice Bravia XBR LCD. Just wait until you see the blades of grass on the greens as you watch your putt roll into the cup.

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UnblessedSoul3876d ago

Looks like albatross with better graphics I'm in

rushbd3876d ago

is a sweet game. You can kill lot of time with it. Pretty fun playing with the family ......

drunkpandas3876d ago

Yeah, I've put in so many hours in previous Hot Shots Golf games. This one looks to be just as addicting, especially with the downloadable characters and courses that will be released for a while after launch

fiercescuba3876d ago

Hot shots is a nice change from the tiger woods' games that are much more technical.