Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo impressions (ITF Gaming)

Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII) was quite honestly 62 hours, 37 minutes and 24 seconds of my life that I will never get back. This was due to the series moving from a vast open-world experience to a linear can of worms; However, FFXIII did represent a major improvement on the battle system, which is probably the only reason the general population actually tried to finish it.

The new Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo is now currently available on Xbox Live and PSN, and to be quite honest… I am truly excited for the launch of the full version of this title. According to the developers FFXIII-2 is here to correct the very core elements that destroyed FFXIII.

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BitbyDeath2252d ago

I played it yesterday and still hate it.
Why is autobattle the first option when fighting and normal attack button hidden away in the abilities menu?

Autobattle should be bottom of the list (if included at all) and there should be no abilities menu at all, all those options should be available on the front menu.

Also it is still linear, what'd they fix exactly? This is not a true final fantasy game.

RyoHazukiii2252d ago

Agreed, i tried imputting the ablilities manually, but it seems that no matter which attack you choose it does roughly the same damage anyway...
So you might as well use the auto battle. this games battle system is terrible, dont get how so many reviewers seem to believe that its so much better than the old games.
The battle system in FFX was the high point of the series for me.
We need a new Grandia i think!

XishikiX2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

you can set the default command to abilities you know.

atleast from the FF13-2 demo if it continues that way, it's less linear than FFX. The map is less linear then the pre FFX maps, except those had a world map, which did make it less linear, provided they gave you a means of transportation.

There's multiple minigames included in just the demo that weren't in 13. The Crystarium was modified so you can build your character however you want. And it's not locked.

You can mash buttons on most battles (like in all FF games), I died a total of 3 times in FFX (which is my favorite FF by the way). but some spells have area effects, and enemies have weaknesses. Like all FF games, thunder, and blizzard do the same amount of damage. To something that isn't weak to either.

grailly2252d ago

I didn't check the crystarium while playing the demo... If it's more open, I'm a bit more exited about FF13-2.

I wan't able to check if they fixed one of the biggest issues I had. did they fix the character positions? I hated it so much when my characters stacked against ennemie with aoe attacks.

bobrea2252d ago

If it took you 62 hours to realize you didn't like a game, something is wrong with you.

ITFGaming2252d ago

Nope I disliked it from the get go. I just had the will to finish it... not sure why I did though?

TiberusX872252d ago

I'm playing the worlds smallest violin, just for you guys.

AG-Mike2251d ago

Only 62 hours? It took me 120 hours almost to the T to get all of the achievements. Stupid OCD...